Another Report on the Hearing in Cologne

Report from Mickie Lynn in Albany:

Here’s the latest news about the Ramstein drone relay station case brought to the court yesterday. I’ve only excerpted the replies of the lawyers and of Faisal bin Ali Jaber. You can read the whole article at the link below.

I had been searching for news of the outcome or continuation of the court case in Cologne, Germany yesterday. This is not news that we all wanted to hear. But all is not lost at this point since the appeal will be allowed and this gives lawyers another chance to pursue the case and for Germans and the rest of the European Union to learn more about the situation at Ramstein AFB.

Judge says German government not obliged to prohibit US from using Ramstein airbase for relaying drone control signalling but allows campaigners to appeal.   Excellent quotes below

“ […]Kat Craig, legal director of Reprieve, said:

“The door’s open only a crack, but that’s all we need. Our foot is firmly wedged to stop it from closing.

“It’s very positive that the court recognized that our concerns around Ramstein were plausible, that the case was admissible and took the rather unusual step for them to immediately allow us to appeal,” she said. “This is an important issue that has real relevance for Germany, and this is just the first step in a bigger process to help innocent people like Faisal and his family to live without being in constant fear of death by drones.”

Andreas Schüller, a representative of the Berlin-based European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights, said:

“It’s very positive that the court acknowledged the role that Ramstein plays in the global drone war because that’s more than the official US position and that’s something that will have to be taken into account in future actions. Neither can it be denied by the German government in future that the relay station exists.”

Faisal bin Ali Jaber said in a statement issued through his lawyer:

“Today’s hearing was a momentous occasion for drone victims. Of course, it is disappointing that we did not win. But the fact that – finally – our opinions are being expressed in court is a victory in itself. I am very pleased that we have been given permission to appeal: I will continue to place my faith in the law and German justice to keep me and my family safe.”

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