Report Back from Little Falls OCC-U-PIE

Activists from Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace, Little Falls OCC-U-PIE, and Minneapolis joined in solidarity with Ramstein peace activists to say no to US drone warfare via Ramstein Air Base.  We enjoyed highlighting the need for the US to cease and desist all illegal drone extrajudicial killings immediately. Participants enjoyed refreshments and lively discussion throughout both vigils.  We thank everyone involved for calling us to action and their contribution to this urgent cause.    Gallery of pictures below – 

Pictures from the “No US Drone Warfare via Ramstein”solidarity actions on May 26,2015 in front of Camp Ripley Minnesota (the largest training base in the Midwest) and in front of Coborns Superstore in Little Falls (for good visibility in the local community) as Ripley is out in the rural area north of Little Falls. Thanks to all who attended and to Judith Bello Nick Mottern for helping organize.

Brainerd Dispatch News Coverage

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