Little Falls OCC-U-PIE

And this May 26 event near Camp Ripley (Shadow Drone training) in Minnesota being called in solidarity with German people opposed to Ramstein in from Robin Hensel in Little Falls.  Can we put it on the WAMM Calendar?   Maybe VFP will notify its members too?

(from Robin)  Ok ya’ll…..I am ready for drone protest on Tuesday May 26th between 4-6 pm in front of Coborns Superstore located at 1101 Second Ave. N.E. We will be along Hwy. 27 out front on the sidewalk. Refreshments and beverages provided. I have extra signs too. All are welcome. Little Falls Mn. My contact number is 320-360-3931. Coleen Rowley would you pass this onto WAMM please. Mary Beaudoin No more drone warfare via Ramstein, Germany…..period

2 thoughts on “Little Falls OCC-U-PIE”

  1. I have also called another protest on the same day May 26th in front of Camp Ripley front gate from noon to 2 pm. It is important to let the community, soldiers, and world that we are sick to death of war and illegal drone assassinations.

  2. I am cooking for an army of peace activists so I hope many of them show up. Come for the food…..stay for the action. There will likely be a counter protest….usually is…..and they are not very kind.

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